Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rained OUT!!!

Well we went hiking again, which is not really all that exciting with us because ummm well... we always do. But when we got to the top of the mountain, it was really pretty and then all of a sudden it started to pour rain. We had just gotten the little top shade (tent thingy) for Shelby's backpack so that kept her out of the rain a little. Until she fell asleep with her head hanging outside the backpack on the way down. So as you can see we got pretty wet by the time that we had reached the bottom. We had a change of clothes for Shelby but Jon and I froze our biscuits off! It was really nice to actually be cold during the summer in Vegas, so we aren't complaining. Anyway it was another great family adventure for the Scott household!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pink Eye

Well Shelby got pink eye :(** It makes me so sad to see her little eyes glued shut with that goupy stuff. Jon and I hate to see her suffer at all, but she has been a good sport and is still pretty happy and smiley. The plus side to this whole ordeal is that she has been extra snuggly the last couple of days which is very unusual for our little energetic daughter. All day she just wants to lay down and cuddle with either mom or dad. As you can see Jon is eating it up while it lasts. Shelby doesn't look like she feels very well, but she is still super cute!

Cute Baby!

Shelby was being really cute with all her giggling and smiles so I decided that I would practice with my dad's nice camera to see if I could capture it. I think I did. This is Shelby crawling backwards, she doesn't go forward yet.
And of course it just wouldn't be an Annie photo opp without the junk mail!
At least Shelby thinks that I am funny, she is always giving me courtesy laughs.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The lake july 14th

So we got to go to the lake again which was great because Jon didn't get to go the first time. Once again Shelby totally loved the water, the life vest, the food and everything else that goes with the lake. That's my girl!!!! We had a ton of fun and we got to go tubing and just chill on the beach. This time it took us a while to find a beach to camp out at because our Overton Marinea got shut down due to politics. So now we have to go to Echo Bay which is quite a bit further to get to, but hey if I can still get out on lake mead then you won't hear too many complaints from me. Anyway we now know our way around that area so next time finding a beach won't be so much of a problem. Plus we usually go to Temple Bar anyway to see old lake buddies.

Dad, Shelby, and Treyson.
Our family!

Grandma and Cru. and Grandpa doing all the work on the boat.

Cru and Shelby just snoozin'

Matt, Cru, Jon, and Shelby all just hanging out trying to find a beach. Haley and Cru

Grandpa feeding Shelby

Cru wants Shelby's Paci really bad.
Jon and Shelby just waiting to start going

My little angel!

Our family in the lake doing what we do best. Having FUN!

Monday, July 9, 2007

My photo addiction

The fourth of July must have just been too much. She slept forever!
Her pants are falling off because she does her (whale tail) before she goes to sleep.
Can you breath like that?
Yes folks, she does yoga while she sleeps.

It's official we have another lake rat in the family!

Shelby and Cru just hanging out in the sand while the water comes and hits their feet.
Both just finished eating and thought they might top it off with a little sand.
My attempt to get Shelby to go to sleep became a giggle fest. She was having way too much fun to even think about taking a nap. At least she was happy the entire day without a nap.
Just chillin in the shade so we don't get fried to a crisp.
Shelby and Kaden just wondering why everyone is packing the boat up. Aunt Haley got to Shelby's hair that is why she has devil horns! :)
Taking a break from swimming. Shelby wants back in while Cru is happy with the red vines.
Grandma floating with Treyson and Koda. She was eating it up that she had all 6 grandkids at the lake with her.
Kallie wallie looking cute as always!
Did I mention that Cru really liked the red vines?

Grandpa taking care of Cru and Shelby at once, what a guy!

Mt. Charelston

We decided if we were actually going to attempt Table Rock (in Idaho) this year then we better get our butts up a few mountains so that we wouldn't die doing the mother of all hikes. Plus we want to make sure that Shelby gets used to it too.
Jon packed Shelby 3 miles to get to the top of Cathedral rock and she laughed and giggled every step of the way. She loves being as high as dad is because who wouldn't love the few from 6'7" when you are only 2 feet tall?!
Look how beautiful it is up there. Man~ we love the outdoors so much and everytime we go somewhere new we get even more addicted to it.

Lovell Canyon

Dad and Shelby getting ready to start the hike. Shelby totally loves her backpack and would ride in it all day.
That's me trying to get a better view from the cactus.
Another family picture, it is pretty dark but hey at least there is a cool looking tree behind us.
Now I can finally see from the view that Jon gets everyday!
We had to run really fast so that the camera timer wouldn't go off before we got to our spot.

New Park Blanket!

Grandma Hammons came through once again! Shelby and I needed a new park blanket because the one that we had ripped to shreads when I washed it (thank alot Target!) Shelby loves all the blankets that Grandma makes her and so far this one has been a hit at that park!