Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Giving super Grover and Erinie kisses.
Sweet Shades Shelby. She is currently obsessed with wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE!
Aunt Molly and Shelby just chillin
The start of the Easter Egg hunt.
Shelby would sometimes just point to the eggs and then want me to give it to her. Bending over is a little difficult sometimes I guess.
Cru was super focused on what he was doing, getting as many eggs as fast as possible.
Aunt Molly and Treyson during the egg hunt
Treyson found the Golden egg. It had $1 and a whistle and a car in it. Haley is due anyday, but still looks cute as usual.

For Easter this year Aunt Molly flew all the way from Flordia to come to our egg hunt so it was pretty fun. We went up to St. George and had a fun Easter with all the cousins. The hunt was a pretty good hit. Shelby really loved finding the eggs, but didn't quite understand that the round rocks in Grandma's yard weren't eggs too. By the end of the hunt the basket was too heavy so Shelby made me carry it for her as she continued her search. Here are a couple of pics of our super fun weekend. O'ya and Shelby and I had a matching dress and Maternity shirt, I thought it was cute.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our First Home!

Well many of you know that we got back a couple of weeks ago from Boise, ID where we went house hunting. We found a home that will be perfect for us and so I just wanted to share my excitment with all of you. I wasn't sure that this was THE house so I didn't get pics of every room, but you all get the point I am sure. This is a 6 bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom, + a bonus (play room) and a 3 car garage. It is so pretty inside and way more square feet than I ever could have imagined 3700!!! I know that I will have a few empty rooms for a few years, but hey I am okay with having too much space as opposed to having too little. The Best thing about the whole deal is that I will no longer have Marie living above me stopping around and waking Shelby up from her naps. I couldn't be happier about that one!! Anyway I am so excited that I had to post about it. Boise, here we come!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


10 years ago:
I was in High School eating, sleeping, and breathing volleyball. (and boys of course)

5 things on my to do list today:
1- Go grocery shopping
2- Clean the house
3- Laundry
4- watch Biggest loser on TV
5- Go to Cafe Rio with Brooke for dinner (the boys have to be at school late tonight so we don't want to cook

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1- Diet coke which I am not allowed to have when I am pregnant so it is a difficult day everyday without my little piece of heaven to sip on.
2- Sour patch kids
3- Chips and Salsa
4- popsicles or a slurpee
5- cookies, you never go wrong with a cookie.

Places I have lived:
1-Steamboat Springs, Co
2-Rexburg, ID
3-Cedar City, UT
4-St. George, UT
5-Las Vegas, NV
6-Soon to be Boise, ID

5 vacations you've had:
1-Hawaii with my whole family, it was so much fun and that is when I fell in love with scuba diving.
2-Hiking Havasupi canyon with my family every year for about 5 years with my good friend Paige and her family
3- I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a Tall Ship for 3 months and we went to London, Carribean Islands, Bermuda, Spain, and NY, city.
4- Lake Powell and Lake Mead where we would live every summer while I was growing up.
5- On a Cruise with my whole family and all the spouses too. It was awesome we went to the st. martin, st. thomas and I think one more st. something island.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a Billionaire:
1- I would pay off Jon's student loans
2-Build Jon a sweet dental practice where ever he wanted
3- Buy our house cash and maybe a lake house and cabin too and furnish them how I want too.
4-Jon and I would finally get to have the 4 wheeler, rhino, boats and any other toy we could think of.
4-I would put huge chuncks in trust funds for my kids to use for school, houses, and businesses.
5- I would open up my own health and fitness spa where I would teach overweight people how to live healthier lifes and let them stay there as long as they needed to so that they could get their lives back.
6- I would probably save a bunch too and Donate the rest to whatever I thought would be best at the time.

5 jobs I have had: (good thing you only want 5)
1- I cleaned my dad's office since I was 12
2- I worked at Sunset Park during High School (that was the best job ever!)
3- Sunbrook home center
4- First American Title co.
5- Shea Commercial (Worst job in the world!)

5 Things you didn't know about me:
1- I can take a nap anywhere, anytime, and any place. It will NEVER make it so I won't fall asleep at night
2- I had 43 roomates while I was in College (keep in mind that I graduated it only 2 years)
3- I love going to McDonalds for breakfast in the mornings
4- I really love going grocery shopping, it is super fun to me even though sometimes it is hard to get there.
5- I love having my toes painted and all cute, but I hate painting my toes.

I TAG - whoever is reading this and is bored enough to take the time!!!