Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shoveling the Driveway

All ready to help mom and dad
This is her CHEESE!

Since we moved to Boise and have our own house I have realized how much work it is to shovel the driveway. I actually really like doing it, but it is definately a new thing for me. I have been told that I will only have to do it a couple times each winter because even though it snows often the snow melts pretty quickly after it falls. Shelby loves to get all bundled up and play in the snow and ask about 1 million times...."mom, what you doininginging?" (she adds about 3 ings at the end of anything that ends in ing). Anyway we have a blast but it will probably get really old, although for now we really enjoy it.

The mystery of the missing 5 x 7

I am sooooo embarrassed to even have to write about this, but for those of you who know me...well you know that this totally sounds like something I would do! Here is the story. For Christmas I always print off a 5 x 7 picture for both Jon's mom and My mom to send with our Christmas card. This year my mom came to town while I was sending out our cards so I just gave hers to her. Then I put the other (Jon's moms) in an envelope and thought that I put the Label on it immediately so as not to send a 5 x 7 picture to someone on my christmas card list that would for obvious reasons not want to display it proudly in their home. Well I asked my mother-in-law if she got the picture and she said "NO, what pic?" Holy CRAP!!! I sent it out to someone else because I don't have it at my house. Anyway if you got a random 5 x 7 of our adorable family would you please let me know just so I can stop feeling so dumb and at least know who I embarrassed myself with.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Holiday Events

I haven't had much time to blog given that our family is so busy having fun. Let me start way back to the week of the 10-16th. My parents decided that they didn't get to spend enough time with our girls when they came for Thanksgiving because we had so many people here and it was just crazy so they came back to visit. We were so happy to have them here again and we had our first storm roll on through while they were visiting, so we made snowmans. Now I have to comment that when my parents are in town we are having so much fun and doing so much that we don't get many pictures. Somehow my parents were able to live with us for about 3 months this summer and we have VERY few pics especially of my mom with the girls. For those of you that know my mother know that she is always doing something, I don't think that she has a lazy bone in her body and so she is ALWAYS playing with the girls or helping me with different projects that I have around my house. So I want to apologize to my Mom for not even getting one picture of her this trip, I will do tons better next time; I promise. About my projects that my mom helped me with, they were mostly organizing closets because I am such a clean freak that I have to get rid of stuff on a regular basis. Plus I wanted to move Libby upstairs to her crib since she is sleeping 12 hours a night and I won't have to be hiking stairs in the middle of the night. Anyway here are the few and only pics that I was able to take while they were in town. Cheese Mom!

Shelby was so excited to play in the snow it was so cute!She always wanted to "kiss our noman"

Shelby and her favorite boys to do stuff with

The next thing that I wanted to blog or journal about was our NORTH POLE TRAIN RIDE! We went with some of our good friends (the Jenkins) on a train ride to the north pole to see Santa. Well actually we left from Horseshoe bend and then ended up somewhere between there and Emmett. The Jenkins got us first class tickets which meant that we got our very own Caboose; it had it's own bathroom, 2 couches, 4 swivel chairs, and a stewardess on board to get us snacks or whatever we needed. The ride was about 45min each way and then we spent about the same amount of time in the "North Pole". The North pole was set up so cute with carols being sung by the elves and Santa with Mrs. Klauss handing out candy and letting the kids visit "their house". Anyways this was SOOOOO much fun and Shelby and Libby totally dug it. This will have to be a tradition every year with the Jenkins(Kristin & Jason & Will) because it was such a blast!!! Thanks for taking us guys. Here are the pics from that fun trip. They are in no particular order because Blogger was being stupid!!! I also can't put any comments under each picture for some reason so

Shelby & Will on the back of our Caboose

After a fun day Libby and Dad enjoyed some bouncer time while Shelby slept and I did whatever moms do.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Libby is 4 Months old

Libby Marie Scott is already 4 months old. I can't believe she has been here for that long! Time just flies by. I can't remember life without you, but it also seems like you just got here. Well I am totally copying my sis-in-law Haley, with the way that she updates about her kids. So here it goes.
Hair: Dark brown, but getting thinner by the day. It is always so sad when the baby hair falls
out and they get the bald spot on the back of their head.
Eyes: Bright Blue
I'm not sure how much you weigh but I would guess 10ish and you are REALLY tall just like your dad. You wear 0-3months in shirts and 6-9 months in pants because everything else is to short for you.
Likes: Mom (you are sort of a mama's girl, your bouncer, being tickled, laughing, pepermint ice cream (I couldn't make her wait until next year to try it!), you love when Shelby talks to you and holds your hands. Reading books always gets a lot of kicking action, and you love the TV and you love your crib. Sucking on her fist (the dentist in dad hates that) but it is so stinkin cute!
Dislikes: Being scared or sudden noises, When mom puts you down, waiting to be fed, being left out of the fun, and you never will stay on your tummy for tummy time. She learned to roll over at 4 weeks old and won't stay on her tummy since. (Libby was 5 weeks early so I am pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to be able to do that yet, go figure)
You sleep from 9-10pm to 8-9am and then you take a nap around 11 and another around 1 and yet another around 4. I am so grateful that you have been on this schedule since you were about 2 months old. You eat great! You will take a bottle or mom, whichever is available (since I was so sick when I had you my body doesn't quite produce enough milk, but we will take what we can get) You love to laugh and giggle and you are the toughest girl that I know. You really are a miracle to even be alive and you are thriving at life. I love being your mom and I am so grateful that we both are here and healthy. IT WAS WELL WORTH THE FIGHT!! I love you Libby and I know that Shelby and Daddy are crazy about you too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gingerbread Disasters

I have to put a disclaimer on this post that this was the first time that any of us had made gingerbread houses (except Amber). With that said this was a disaster!!!!! I had called Jon's mom and gotten all the details and receipes for the frosting and all that. She told me to make rice krispy treats to use as the "frame" of the house. YEAH RIGHT!!! Dispite the fact that our houses looked like a huge pile of dung we had a good time. We had some of friends Brent and Amber over to have dinner and then do our houses. We had tons of fun, and there was certainly a lot of laughter, mostly at how awful our houses looked. Next year I am totally buying one of those pre-packaged gingerbread house kits. NO more fancy pants Annie, lets just face it, I am not a master when it comes to the kitchen!
Shelby loved eating the graham crackers and all the candy that she picked out at the store.Carter, Amber, Shelby, and me trying to get our creation to work...not happening!

Such concentration! (Carter & Amber)
Jon tried to pitch in and help, this is Shelby laughing hysterically because our house is caving it at that very moment.Brent & Ambers finished house... Yep you guessed it they just gave up with the graham crackers.

At least the Candy was Yummy (Brent & Carter)

This is my finished house. We even bought the cutest candy ever that looked like little rocks so we could make it look like our real house. There is some resemblance right???

Going, Going


Santa at the Mall

On Jon's day off last week we decided that we would go as a family to the mall to get me some new jeans that actually fit. Yes, folks I am going to stop wearing pants that make me look like a have a dirty diaper! Anyway then we went to the Cheesecake Factory because we have had a gift card for it for like 5 months now. It was awesome too! We have been telling Shelby all about Santa and she kinda gets it so we told her that we would be able to see him at the mall. Well she was a little shy to go to him, but once she was in his lap she was in heaven as you can see from the picture. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she didn't answer so he was giving her ideas like...Dora...Barbies? She finally looked at him and said "No goose, Shelby want books and toys." Santa laughed and Jon and I just looked at each other with a grin. Do you suppose we call her a silly goose too often??? O'well she was too cute. Libby also loved Santa, she was happy to go stare at him and all the glits and glamour of the mall set up.

Sunday dress up Activity!

A couple of Sundays ago I was trying to get Shelby to sit still for something (I can't even remember why now, but O'well) Anyway she found her clips and wanted to put "All dees" in her hair so I bribed her to sit still and I would put them all in. She kept wanting to look in the mirror and she would tell me "O boy I so beautiful... huh mom?" She cracks me up everyday! I just thought the pictures were kinda funny and cute.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Aunt Molly, Macey, Grandma Hammons, and Libby ready to go to Olive Garden.

Cru, Treyson, & Shelby in their super hero capes that Grandma had made for them. It was hilarious watching them run around the house with their caps flying behind them.

All three boys are asleep and the games are still on. This was a common occurance this week!Jon, Shelby, & Cru just about to go to bed.
Okay....So I debated even putting this picture up because I was nursing Libby and Molly and I had stayed up the night before until 3am just talking so i am looking EXTREMELY hot, but it is the only pic that I got of Molly and I so don't judge!

This year for Thanksgiving I was so lucky to have My parents, My sister (Molly), and My brother (Matt) and his family come to visit. It was soo much fun to have everyone here and Shelby had a blast with her cousins. It was a bit of a mad house at times, but it was so nice to have my family come and see where I live, Jon's office, & just Boise in general. The girls got to sneak off and go shopping a couple of times and that was really fun. The boys mostly watched football, which I am pretty sure was fun for them. The kids were CRAZY but they were so happy to just be up in the play room and spending time together. I didn't do very good at getting very many pictures, but whenever I am having fun with my family pictures are the furthest thing from my mind. I am so grateful for this season and this time I get to be with family. There was a couple months this last summer that we didn't know if I would be around for the next holiday so I just want to express how grateful and blessed I am to still be alive and be able to be with my family. Thanks to everyone who came it was so fun to have you!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carving Pumkin BOB

Shelby LOVES carving pumkins. We did this twice this year because she loved it so much. She would name the pumkin and then want to take out all of its "gooey slime". This is pumkin Bob. she would take out the inside and then put it back in Bob over and over again. Well the pictures speak volumes.

LOOK mom gooey slime!This is her trying to get EVERY last pumkin seed.This is Libby enjoying the festivities too. She is so tiny! Here is Bob.

"I lub him, I lub him so much"
All done!!!


The only picture with them together.
Our cow!

She was screaming while I was taking these pictures because it was time to eat!!!

Our Tooth Fairy! (Aunt Haley made the TuTu for her B-day)

"I Zap you, Mom"

Okay I have been slacking a ton, but I thought I would post these pics just so I have them for our family Journal. Shelby was the tooth fairy this year and Libby was the classic Cow (there is not much warm enough for a newborn). At first Shelby was fighting with Jon and I to get her costume on. She hated the wings, the "hat", and didn't want to keep her tooth on her shirt. So we thought alright we will just go to our 2 neighbors and if she doesn't like it then we will just come home. Well when she figured out that all she had to do was say "Trick-or-Treat" and people would give you CANDY, she was sold. Needless to say then she wanted her costume on so that people would give her more candy. I should have taken my camera because she was so much happier later than she was in the pictures. Libby was tons happier later too, but I got busy handing out candy. We had over 300 pieces and they were gone by the end of the night. CRAZY! People are way into Halloween around here I just love it! I know this holiday is over and done with, but thanks for humoring me.