Friday, January 30, 2009

Library Basket

For the last couple of weeks we have been going to the library every Monday when Jon has his day off. The first time that we went we read books for close to 2 hours and then decided that it was time to go. Well Shelby didn't agree and she threw a FULL on FIT! For those of you who know Shelby you know two things: that she is generally very agreeable and just goes along with whatever Mom and Dad say (so nice) and that she is OBSESSED with books. Well she was so naughty that the books that we had just checked out we returned them without taking them home and we told her that the way she was acting was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. We were going to go get a special Library basket so that she could keep her own books seperate from her library ones, but because of her actions we scratched that idea.

Anyway the next week we tried it again and we sufficiatly preped her on what we expected her to act like when it came time to leave. Well 2 hours later we said "okay Shelby pick out 15 books you want to check out and then it is time to leave." She happily picked them out, checked them out, and marched out of there with a great big smile. (that was more like our little girl). We got in the truck and she asked if we could go to Wal-Mart and get a special box for her books, so we did.

Every week it has been enjoyable now and Shelby loves to read her books to Libby when we get them home. She always drags her basket to where Libby is laying and then proceeds to read her all her "Libry books" to her. Here is a picture of her reading them to Libby while Jon and I are getting breakfast and bottles ready. We are so glad that our book tantrum has gone away and we have our precious book worm back.

I feel like I am in College again!

This last weekend one of my very best friends, Heidi came to town with her family. I know that I have talked of her before and I am aware that I don't ever have a pic. of her, but she has sworn to me that next time we get together we can take a pic. and she will no longer be my secret imaginary friend. (THAT BETTER BE TRUE) We had a great time with them, it is crazy how much you can miss having such a great friend close by. Heidi and I stayed up until ridiculous times in the morning just chating it up and our kids (Jonah & Shelby) didn't get to bed to early either. Jon and Brian would just give up waiting for us to come to bed which was probably a smart decision. On Sat. the boys let Heidi and I go and get massages and then go to the mall while they watched the kids. It was so much fun to just spend some quality girl time. Jon also worked on Brian's and Jonah's teeth which Jonah was fasinated by all the drills and stuff. He was an awesome assistant to Jon while he worked on his dad. Anyway we were so sad to see them go and we wish that they would move to Boise, but I will take 4 1/2 hours away over 11 hours away anyday. Thanks for coming all the way over to Boise guys and we will be coming to stay at your house soon. Thanks again for the pictures that you did for us, we absolutely love them and they look great on our walls! Here are some pics of the pics they look a lot bigger in person.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mom, When Chocolate come home?

Tonight when I was tucking Shelby in bed I was asking her what songs that she wanted to sing. So we sang the usual Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, twinkle twinkle, Happy family, and then she asked me "Mom, When my Chocolate cominginging home?" For those of you who don't know she has a favorite stuffed animal dog named Chocolate. We accidently left it in Idaho Falls at my friend Heidi's house. Heidi is coming to visit in just a couple of weeks so I have been telling Shelby that her friend Jonah is just borrowing Chocolate for a little while. She usually seems pretty satisfied with the answer and just says "I miss him, I miss him so much Mom." Well tonight she asked me sing "I'm so glad when Chocolate comes home" (I just sang I'm so glad when daddy comes home replacing daddy with Chocoate). Then she turned over and said "thanks mom, when Chocolate comes home I gonna give him a great big kiss!" She just melts my heart and I feel so bad that we forgot her stuffed dog. This picture was taken back in July but it has chocolate in it so I decided to use it.


I have to start this blog by saying that Shelby is obsessed with reading and so I have to remember what books we read in order to understand what she is talking about. She has a book called "Froggy goes to School" we read this book about 1-2 million times a day so it wasn't surprising when Shelby asked if she could go to school now. I thought about it for a minute and this is what I came up with for us to "go to school." She thought that this was so awesome and wanted to stay at school all day. We tried to trace Libby too but she HATED it O'well she is only 41/2 months I guess that is okay for now.

This is Shelby and her traced body. She was so excited to take a picture that she couldn't lay there still.

If you can see Shelby drew Grandpa Scott, Grandpa Hammons, Duck, Snake, Frog, and a Dog (can't you tell?)

Shelby wanted to stand on the bench because that is how I took the picture of her and her colored self. "take picture of me mom, on my bench!"

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Scott Yearly Recap

Okay so I really like to do a yearly account of what happened that was exciting or note worthy so bear with me or just skip this blog. Most people do this in their Christmas card, but i wasn't that on top of things this year.

Well Jon graduated dental school this year in May and then we moved to Boise, ID where we bought a house and started a dental practice. He got to go hunting this year, but not nearly enough (is it ever enough though?) Even with all the changes that have happened Jon has had to be the rock of our family this year and we are so grateful that he has been there for all of us girls. We had a little bit of a scare this summer when my body decided to freak out on us. I was 6 months pregnant and ended up going to the hospital thinking that I was in labor and finding out that I was dying instead. I had Pancreatitis caused by galstones. As if that wasn't enough my body was trying to keep our precious baby alive so it started to shut down and work on just the baby. Therefore my lungs then collasped and sent me straight to the ICU where they put me on a bunch of machines to keep me alive (and the baby) On top of that I had a growth in my chest that was the size of a softball and an infection in my PICC line (feeding, IV tubes put in through your arm and leads to your heart). Infections are really scary to get though this because it is a direct passageway to your heart for the bacteria to get too. Anyway we finally induced me at 35 weeks (Aug 12, 2008) and we had our miracle baby Libby Marie Scott. She did really well at first and then took a turn for the worst with her breathing, but recoved from that really well. She is such a fighter! Two weeks later I went in for surgery to get my galbladder removed as well as the "softball" growth. Libby and I got to leave the hospital on the same day, even though I was in no shape to care for a baby. Luckily my parents were able to be with us for about 3 months while I was sick to take care of Jon, Me, Shelby, and now a new little one Libby. Thanks again for all you did, Jon and I don't know what we would have done without your help and support!!!! It took several months to recoup but now the whole family is alive, healthy, and happy.Shelby turned 2 in October and is our little angel! She loves to read books, take pictures, color, do makeup with mom and could take a bath all day everyday if we would let her. She helps mom clean the house and loves to do the Laundry. Moving here she was a little out of place for awhile when I was in the hospital, Dad started work, we were in a new house, and Grandma and Grandpa were basically her parents, but now she has tons of friends here and LOVES "Shelby's house." In fact it is hard to get her to want to leave the house sometimes!! Shelby Loves Libby and is always bringing her toys or tell her "it okay siter, Shelby here for you, no matter what." Libby is almost 5 months now and is doing great! She sleeps through the night from 8pm- 8 or 9am. She loves to grab any toy that you put in her arms reach, she hates tummy time in fact she just rolls over so there really is no such thing as tummy time for her. She adores Shelby and watches her all day. Libby loves her crib waterfall toy and her "bunny fu fu" that she got from Uncle Glen and Aunt Gayle. Libby is our little fighter and is extremely tough (I guess that is why we are so lucky to have her alive today)It has been a very eventful year for us with a lot of changes going on, but we wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks to all of our family and friends for your love and support and especially your prayers!

I hope that whatever the journey of life has in store for all of us we can stay on the path and remember what is truly important. We have been so blessed this year by our Savior and his atonement for us. I am so grateful for my family and feel so lucky to be able to spend another year with them! Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

Better Late than Never!

Well it has been a CRAZY couple of weeks so here are the pics. from our Christmas. It started out on Christmas eve when we went over to Brent & Ambers to have dinner, watch a movie, and open our PJ's a tradition for both families. We got through the dinner (which was delicious) and then got so busy playing and watching our movie (polar express) that we totally forgot about the Pj's until it was getting late and Libby was REALLY wanting to eat. So we took off and opened them at our house instead; I am not a big fan of wipping out the boobs outside of my own home. (I forgot to take my camera over there so I don't have any pics of that.) Anyway Shelby thought it was awesome to have had Santa come to her house early while we were gone and so she helped Libby open her present too. Then we went to bed.Shelby was so excited for her PJ'sDoesn't Libby looked StokedTrying to get a picture with Libby not rolling all over the place and Shelby actually looking at the camera is a modern day miracle so here is our miracle picture.Shelby was being soo cute with Libby telling her about Santa and giving her tons of kisses.This is what the girls woke up to. Shelby was so excited and Libby just wanted to eat but she now likes all of her loot.Shelby opening her stocking she was mesmerized by this toy, but her favorite thing was her Camera. She walked around the entire house telling everyone and everything to "say cheese guys; for your picture." and then after she would push the button she would look at the picture on the screen and tell us, "wow guys you look beautiful!"Mom helping Libby open her stuff. She was pretty into all the bright colors.Say Cheese guys!

Okay stockings "say cheese" after we put Shelby down for a nap Jon and I decided that we would look at the pictures that she took. We were really shocked when we turned on the camera and it said that she had taken 279 pictures in 1 hour. Most of them were of the ground or her feet and almost all of them were blurred because a 2 year old can't hold still to take a picture she is already off to take the next one!

Anyways our Christmas was really fun especially since this was our first year to ever have our very own Christmas with just our little family. We had a blast! The next day we were off to Idaho Falls to visit Jon's family and meet his sisters Fiance from England. The roads were awful so it took us close to 7 hours when it is only supposed to be a 4 -41/2 hour drive. Luckily the girls are awesome in the car so it was no big deal except we just had less time to spend with our family and friends there. (I forgot my camera on this trip too so there are no pics. but I will still bore you with my details.) We stayed with my really good friend Heidi (the one who takes the amazing pics of our family) it is always fun to hang out with her and even if we haven't spoken for a long time we just pick right back up and it seems as if no time has passed at all. In fact we stayed up till 2 the first night because we had so much to talk about, we felt like we were back in college. P.S. Heidi I know you are blog stalking me so leave a message!!!!

Anyway then we went over to Jon's best bud Josh's house and met their kid who is already 1 year old. He was adorable! We spent an hour or so and then we were off to Jon's parents house to have lunch and hang out. We visited for a while and then went over to Grandpa Wirkus's house to have Schnizel (I don't know how to spell it) and Huckelberry ice cream. It was so yummy and I wanted to eat more, but there was No room in the inn! Then we went back to Heidi's house and played Rock Band all night, which we are all amazing at by the way. Jon is now convinced that we need to get this game, thanks a lot Heidi! After another late night we finally decided we weren't that young anymore nor were we very good at Rock Band so we went to bed. The next morning we went to Jon's parents fixer uper house and looked through it. It will be really nice when it is done, but for now there is a lot of fixing up to do. They love all that kind of stuff though so it should be fun. We then loaded up in the truck and had another LONG drive home since the roads were still really bad!!! All in all it was a great trip and a great Christmas so we can't complain.