Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm so Sick of being Sick!!!!

Okay so I know it has been a long while since I have posted, but I have an excuse; I was in the hospital AGAIN!!!! For those of you that follow my blog you know that this last summer was a crazy whirlwind for our family and that it is lucky that myself and our little Libby are even alive. We went through a ton and every doctor that hears the saga has told me "girl you should be dead"... umm thanks I guess. I was also told that because of what I went through I would probably not feel "normal" for a good year or more. Just as I was told I have felt pretty crapy since the surgery in Aug. but I always thought that would be my "normal" for a long time so just get used to it. This last Sunday my in-laws were in town and Jon was flying out of town when I was in so much pain that I finally let my good friend Kristin take me to the ER. They did an ultrasound, CAT Scan, and tons of blood and pee tests. Turns out this time I had a kidney infection, inflamed liver, and bacteria in my blood. They said that if I had waited 1 more day my body would have gone septic and started shuting down organ by organ... AWESOME. Luckily my in-laws were here so they could take care of my girls while Jon was gone and I was once again hooked up to a bunch of stupid IV poles with my butt hanging out of my adorable hospital gown. This time I didn't have to stay for 3 months like before only about 3 days. On Wed. my mom flew into town to contuine taking care of our family since I am out of commission again. I don't know what we would do with out our family and there help because heavens know that I am worthless. Thanks again to everyone and their help!!! Anyway I am not trying to complain, I know that we all have our own trials and stuff, but seriously could I please get a new one!!

I also had my birthday yesterday which I was very grateful that I wasn't in the hospital for although it would have been fitting given my last year. My mom said that she would watch the girls while Jon took me to dinner, but that turned out to be not a good idea because I got super sick being up for that long, but o'well at least we tried. We will just have to "celebrate" another time.
Here are some cute pictures taken of my girls while I was gone! This is why I keep fighting and this is what makes this all worth living for!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy! Busy!! Busy!!!

Well this last week has been Crazy busy, but so much fun. On Monday my parents were able to make a quick trip up to see us. I was so excited for a couple of reasons (1) because I know that when my parents come in town I will get a break from the monatony of being a stay at home mom (2) all the "projects" that I have waiting for me to do will get done in no time and (3) I love their company and our conversations!!! For those of you that know my parents you know that they work at a pace that I am sure no one else can. I knew that we would be really busy when they came so that is why when they got here I had to remember to bust out the camera or we would never remember to get any pictures.Here is Grandma Hammons reading books to the girls while feeding Libby. My girls absolutely adore their Grandma and how much time she spends playing with them. I have never met a more hands on Grandma!
Libby has a new thing where she likes to eat with no one holding her, but she won't hold her own bottle??? O'well Grandma loved spending time with her no matter what.

This is how excited Shelby was to have them leave! (she also refused to get dressed for the picture)

Grandma & Grandpa can always get her to laugh! Libby loves their new flower toys look how interested she is.

Grandpa Hammons & Libby Marie

Here are some of the Many projects that we got done. I made all these bows and then we covered the little tiny book of Mormons with paper and put a flower on it. Way cute and fun!Some changing pads for my Friend who is having a little boy soon. This has been on my to do list Forever!

My pantry shelfs which I couldn't be happier about. They are selling these organizers at Costco right now and I am so glad that I had my parents to help me with it. My Pops and I customized it to the cans that I use and so I have a spot for all our "normal" items. LOVE IT, thanks pops!

These are just the projects that I have pictures of I also got help with Oil changes, new air filters in our house (we have custom-hard to find sizes), hanging pictures on the wall in Libby's room (pictures to come), lunch with Jon almost every day, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and probably many more that I can't think of right now. I was so sad to see my parents leave because I never know when the next time that I see them will be. I also know that even the 3 months they lived with us this summer still wasn't long enough so I am convinced that no matter how long they stay I won't want them to go. Thanks again for all your help and company, we sure love and miss having you close by. O'ya when they left Shelby says "mom, I not want to stay here I want to go to George with Grama and papa" I guess we will have to fly down soon!

Well my parents left on Friday morning and then that night Jon's family came into town. It was Grandma and Grandpa Scott, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Tyson, and Aunt MaKall (not sure if I spelled that right) I kinda forgot about taking pictures until they were leaving and Shelby was down for a nap so she is MIA in all the pics. It was a short trip but it was good to see everyone. Grandpa and Uncle T got the winch put on Jon's 4 wheeler while he was a work and Jon was so happy that it finally got done and so was I so now Jon can clean up the garage that has been driving his OCD wife crazy for the last couple of months. The kids had a blast hanging out with everyone and Shelby had plenty of people who would read library books to her.

Libby was having so much fun when Grandpa was throwing her in the air she forgot it was nap time and just kept on laughing!

Libby with Grandma & Grandpa Scott

We love having so many visitors and are glad that we finally have a house that can accomadate so many people. Even though it has been a crazy week it has been a good one.