Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carving Pumkin BOB

Shelby LOVES carving pumkins. We did this twice this year because she loved it so much. She would name the pumkin and then want to take out all of its "gooey slime". This is pumkin Bob. she would take out the inside and then put it back in Bob over and over again. Well the pictures speak volumes.

LOOK mom gooey slime!This is her trying to get EVERY last pumkin seed.This is Libby enjoying the festivities too. She is so tiny! Here is Bob.

"I lub him, I lub him so much"
All done!!!


The only picture with them together.
Our cow!

She was screaming while I was taking these pictures because it was time to eat!!!

Our Tooth Fairy! (Aunt Haley made the TuTu for her B-day)

"I Zap you, Mom"

Okay I have been slacking a ton, but I thought I would post these pics just so I have them for our family Journal. Shelby was the tooth fairy this year and Libby was the classic Cow (there is not much warm enough for a newborn). At first Shelby was fighting with Jon and I to get her costume on. She hated the wings, the "hat", and didn't want to keep her tooth on her shirt. So we thought alright we will just go to our 2 neighbors and if she doesn't like it then we will just come home. Well when she figured out that all she had to do was say "Trick-or-Treat" and people would give you CANDY, she was sold. Needless to say then she wanted her costume on so that people would give her more candy. I should have taken my camera because she was so much happier later than she was in the pictures. Libby was tons happier later too, but I got busy handing out candy. We had over 300 pieces and they were gone by the end of the night. CRAZY! People are way into Halloween around here I just love it! I know this holiday is over and done with, but thanks for humoring me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Family Pictures

Well my really great friend Heidi and her family came and stayed with us over the Halloween weekend. I had so much fun staying up really late and girl talking all weekend. I miss having her around, but now we are only about 4 hours away so we will be seeing a lot more of each other. She is an amazing photographer and she is always so nice to take our pictures when we see each other. So we went out in our neighborhood and on the jogging trails we found a few great spots to take some pics. I love every single one so it was really hard to choose, so I just chose a few that I would share with everyone. Thanks Heidi for coming to see us, taking our pictures and being here for Libby's blessing it is always great hang out with you and your adorable family. We love you guys!