Friday, September 28, 2007


Let me just start by saying, I LOVE BUNCO!!! For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a dice game where there are 12 people. In our case 12 of our very closest friends. You know the kind that you can be a little girl around and scream and squeal all night with.
We had our first offical bunco game with our new group this Wed. Can I just say it was definatley a 10. It was at my friend Tyree's house and she did an amazing job on the dinner, deseret, and decoractions. It was so cute and yummy. Our group is wild, crazy, and we are all really couped up moms. Watch out all you husbands when it is your wifes turn to have it at your house, cuz we are LOUD! (at least it is only once a year) It is so fun to have a girls night out where you can eat, talk, and play one of the best games of all time. I finally won a prize and it was pretty awesome. I can't wait for next month when we go to Kristen's house where it is going to be pretty crazy because it is a Halloween party too. Bunco rocks!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ice Box Canyon

As you all know our little family has an obsession. Yes, we are in love with the outdoors and HIKING! We have passed this obession on to our daughter also, she can't get enough of it. Everytime we get her backpack out of the closet she goes crazy with excitement. So we finally broke down and bought a year pass to Red Rock Canyon (only 15min from our house) that way we don't have to drive all the way to Mt. Charelston every time we need to feed our addiciton. This hike is called Ice Box Canyon. It was so pretty and there were these tiny wieny little frogs all over the place. Shelby thought that they were hilarious! Anyway here is a slide show of this Sat. afternoon family activity.

Great Grandpa Wirkus

When we were up in Idaho a while ago we stayed with Jon's Grandpa Wirkus. He was so sweet to let us crash there and was such a great host! This is the same Grandpa that sealed us in the temple about 5 1/2 years ago. So he holds a very special place in our hearts. We love him so much and it is so fun to visit his house because he has "Kegs" of Huckleberry ice cream. (if you haven't tried it you are totally missing out!!!)
Anyways....Every morning he goes on a 3-6 mile walk and while we were there he would always rush to get home so that he could feed Shelby her bottle in the morning. It was so cute! His eye sight is failing him and when he would feed her, he would poke her in the eye and nose with the bottle until they both finally reached Shelby's mouth. Well Shelby was in heaven with Grandpa Wirkus, he played games with her and sang to her as he fed her each morning. It was so precious the way that she would just stare up at him and smile and giggle. I think Gramps liked it too. I had forgotten about the pictures that we had taken and just ran across them and so I had to share this memory with everyone.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Holy Bow!

I learned how to make bows right after Shelby was born and I really enjoy it, but I'm still not sure about the huge bow thing. Haley and I made this one and I really think it is adorable, but it is HUGE! Anyway just thought I would take a picture of Shelby when she is just chillin at home and playing with her puzzles. At least Shelby is super cute in these pictures.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Molly's Surprise Visit!

Okay so this all happened awhile ago, but it was so much fun that I still need to blog about it. My mom and I (& shelby) were going to go to Colorado and so my mom called and told me that she had gotten a hall pass to come down to my house a day early so we could go to toys 'r' us and play all day before we left. So I canceled my plans that I had made for the day and anxiously awaited the arival of my mom. When I answered the door however it was not my mother, but instead my sister Molly (who lives in Flordia) at my doorstep. I was like what the H@!%, I pretty much almost wet my pants because of my surprise. I think I stood there for a couple of seconds in shock before I even acknowledged the fact that my Moo Moo was standing right in front of me. Well anyway it turns out my Mom wasn't coming, but that it was all a master plan to get me to be home when Molly flew in. Needless to say I was excited and it was great cuz Molly got to come to Colorado too. Turns out that it was a good thing that she was there because there was a lot of drama at my Grandparents house, which didn't sit well with Shelby and her tender feelings.

When we got back to Vegas I unpacked and repacked in about 29 min. (I know it is amazing!) Then we went to the lake which I have already blogged about. Then we went up to St. George and hung out with the family there for another week. One of the nights was SOOO fun because Molly and I went over to Jamie's house and got to have a sister night. We got pedicures, ordered pizza, snuck through a few houses for sale in Jamie's neighborhood, played on Jamie's driveway with a TON of cool toys, gave 4 kids a bath, and then stayed up REALLY REALLY REALLY... I mean REALLY late talking. It was so fun and it definately isn't something that gets to happen very often. Also during that week we got to hang out with Matt, Haley, Treyson, and Cru. I love having them so close so that we can actually do things with them. O'ya we also got to go to Olive Garden with Mom, Molly, Haley, Jamie, Me, & all 6 kids. It was surprisingly a very enjoyable and quiet meal. Shelby is the only grandchild that doesn't live in St. George so all of the cousins wanted to gather round Shelby and watch her eat her breadstick. Shelby thinks that all of them are really hilarious. At the end of the week, Molly drove back with Jon and I and we dropped her off at the airport (sad) I wasn't happy to see her go, but it was fun while it lasted. I guess it will be fun in Dec. too, which is the next time I get to see my Moo Moo (unless she comes and surpises me again!). Thanks again Molly for the visit, we miss you tons!

Shelby's Ball Pit

Okay so we wanted to get something for Shelby that she would really enjoy so I decided to copy my friend Tyree and get a ball pit. Well it turned out to be a huge hit! Shelby totally digs playing in this thing for like hour upon hour. I think it is hilarious that she likes it so much, but every time I try to get her out of it to go do something else she does the full on arched back fit throwing! (Yeah I guess she does have some of my personality and not all dad's) Anyway I thought you all might like to see a few of the pictures of her in her favorite toy of the Month. Sorry there are so many pics. I never can choose just a few that is why I always have slide shows!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Labor day!

Well we went to the lake as you can see for Labor Day. Then we drove back up to St. George and Jon had come in from his hunting trip. I was so happy to see him and even happier because Shelby CRAWLED for the first time that night. I am so proud of my little peanut! Jon and I were so happy to see her finally get going, but it is a totally new world with her being moblie. I will post pics later of the damage that she regularly does at our house. I need to baby proof a little bit more and I really need to get a move on it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Biggest Loser!!!

Well one of my favorite shows starts today...The Biggest LOSER! I am so addicted to this show. I love eating my Ben & Jerry's and watching other people sweat while they get put through a ridiculously hard workout. I often wonder how thin I could be if I were able to go to a "fat farm" like that. I love to work out and I love the way it makes me feel, but it is hard to get motivated to get back in the swing of things. What if they had a show like that for people who had 40 or less pounds to lose? Then they could make the kinda attractive and skinny to super hot. I would totally audition for that show, but I bet ratings would suck. Anyway you should totally watch this show it is so entertaining and I LOVE it. Go black team! (maybe I will see who I am rooting for once I meet all the contestants)