Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Shades Shelby!

Lately Shelby has loved to wear her sunglasses around the house. She thinks that it is really funny and so do her parents! Anyway I thought I would just share a little pic. of her playing with her toys and wearing her Sweet Shades.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor?????

What is she doing up there? Yikes, is she like that all the time? Holy crap that is loud! These are all comments by my friends visiting my home. Those of you that have been to my condo know that I have an extremely loud upstairs neighbor named Marie. She is a very sweet old lady, but she walks as if she had cinder blocks tied to the bottom of her feet! It is making this paticular commandment very difficult for me to abide by. Every day she also goes into each of her bathrooms and continues to bang on the floor for 45 seconds (I'm not even kinding, I timed it!). What Could she be doing???!!!!! I am not sure, but it is getting old especially now that Shelby is waking up from her naps because of Marie and her elephant feet. Ocassionally it sounds as if she is running a marathon in our tiny little condo back and forth back and forth! Somebody please help me or there may be a story of a mother gone mad with a shotgun on her neighbor in the news tomorrow! I love Marie, I love Marie, I love Marie, I love Marie! (Positive thinking right.)

Monday, November 5, 2007

What does a mom do all day?

I have heard many people say, What do you do all day long if you don't have a job. Well here is a little evidence of how some of my days go over and over again. Sometimes just living just takes time. I love my little tornado and I wouldn't have it any other way! Maybe saftey latches are in order at the Scott house now.

Trick or Treating!!

Well we went to St. George to go trick or treating with Jamie and her kids because Jon had to go to New Mexico for an interview with the residency down there. (it went well by the way) Before we left the house we ate dinner and played. Shelby LOVES Aunt Jamie's house because it is like a hands on Toy'r'us. it is so much fun to play!!! Anyway then we hit the pavement and started our trick or treating. Shelby and the Boys were not really all that impressed. They mostly wanted out of their costumes and to continue playing so we only went to a few houses. When we got back, Kallie was kinda sad because she wasn't finished so Kallie and I went back out to a few more houses. It was a really fun night and we all got lots of candy to achieve a sugar high. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Trunk or Treat!

Burton, Shelby, Emma, and AJ hanging out in the trunk!

Our Trunk or Treat was really fun. We went at 6pm and Shelby was SOOOOO tired so she just rode her trike around the parking lot like a zombie. We got lots of Candy for me to eat and I am getting fatter as I type this. Anyway we had lots of fun once the trick or treating was done and then we just let the kids hand out candy. That was Shelby's favorite. She was giving candy to anyone that would take it. Mostly Burton and Emma. AJ was too little to understand how to take it. Anyway we had tons of fun and it kept Shelby awake so we could go pick up Grandma Scott from the airport at 9:30pm.