Monday, December 10, 2007

Molly, this is it!

Okay Molly here is what I was talking about with the making your own bulbs. I decided to leave them out of the vase so that you could see them better, plus I am all out of vases since I have been giving them away as gifts. But in the end you put them in a large vase with one of the top ribbons tied on the outside (they are wired) and there you have a very cute and festive decoration for the holidays. You could also do it with Halloween ribbon or whatever colors you decide in order to match anything. NOW do you get it? Man, this would be so much easier if you still lived a couple blocks away! Love ya Sis.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa's Present.

Okay so I am way too excited to wait until Christmas, so I have posted Shelby's present on my blog to relieve some of the excitement. This is the cutest kitchen set that I have ever seen and Shelby is going to love it! Auntie Paige actually got this for her at Costco and as you can see I am pretty stoked. Thanks again Paige, I love it; and I know that Shelby will really love it too!!!

Mommy's Helper!

She was so tangled when I ran to get the camera, but she somehow escaped really quickly!

Those of you who know me, know that I am some what of a clean freak and I am starting to rub off on my daughter. One of her favorite things to do is to vacuum. She would do it everyday if I would let her, but the best time is once we have unplugged it and she "helps" me wind up the cord. Her she is being extremely helpful, I love my little clone!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Shades Shelby!

Lately Shelby has loved to wear her sunglasses around the house. She thinks that it is really funny and so do her parents! Anyway I thought I would just share a little pic. of her playing with her toys and wearing her Sweet Shades.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor?????

What is she doing up there? Yikes, is she like that all the time? Holy crap that is loud! These are all comments by my friends visiting my home. Those of you that have been to my condo know that I have an extremely loud upstairs neighbor named Marie. She is a very sweet old lady, but she walks as if she had cinder blocks tied to the bottom of her feet! It is making this paticular commandment very difficult for me to abide by. Every day she also goes into each of her bathrooms and continues to bang on the floor for 45 seconds (I'm not even kinding, I timed it!). What Could she be doing???!!!!! I am not sure, but it is getting old especially now that Shelby is waking up from her naps because of Marie and her elephant feet. Ocassionally it sounds as if she is running a marathon in our tiny little condo back and forth back and forth! Somebody please help me or there may be a story of a mother gone mad with a shotgun on her neighbor in the news tomorrow! I love Marie, I love Marie, I love Marie, I love Marie! (Positive thinking right.)

Monday, November 5, 2007

What does a mom do all day?

I have heard many people say, What do you do all day long if you don't have a job. Well here is a little evidence of how some of my days go over and over again. Sometimes just living just takes time. I love my little tornado and I wouldn't have it any other way! Maybe saftey latches are in order at the Scott house now.

Trick or Treating!!

Well we went to St. George to go trick or treating with Jamie and her kids because Jon had to go to New Mexico for an interview with the residency down there. (it went well by the way) Before we left the house we ate dinner and played. Shelby LOVES Aunt Jamie's house because it is like a hands on Toy'r'us. it is so much fun to play!!! Anyway then we hit the pavement and started our trick or treating. Shelby and the Boys were not really all that impressed. They mostly wanted out of their costumes and to continue playing so we only went to a few houses. When we got back, Kallie was kinda sad because she wasn't finished so Kallie and I went back out to a few more houses. It was a really fun night and we all got lots of candy to achieve a sugar high. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Trunk or Treat!

Burton, Shelby, Emma, and AJ hanging out in the trunk!

Our Trunk or Treat was really fun. We went at 6pm and Shelby was SOOOOO tired so she just rode her trike around the parking lot like a zombie. We got lots of Candy for me to eat and I am getting fatter as I type this. Anyway we had lots of fun once the trick or treating was done and then we just let the kids hand out candy. That was Shelby's favorite. She was giving candy to anyone that would take it. Mostly Burton and Emma. AJ was too little to understand how to take it. Anyway we had tons of fun and it kept Shelby awake so we could go pick up Grandma Scott from the airport at 9:30pm.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful Car, Beautiful Name, Beautiful Girl!

I often get the question, Did you name your girl after someone or something? (hinting to me, is your kid named after a car?) Here is the background first....
My dad has always been really into cars and so consequently, so have I. A couple of years ago my pops bought the most beautiful car that I had EVER seen (I have been to my fair share of car shows too.) This mustang was O so nice!
When Jon and I got married he had a mustang, which we had to sell because we needed a more practical car that I could drive too. (power steering is a must) I always told him that one day when we are rich and famous we could get him a Shelby mustang.
Also Jon's dad has quite a few mustangs that he plans to fix up one day so he is also a mustang fanatic.
Well when we found out that we were having a girl, we thought all the men in this girls life are obsessed with the same beautiful car so it just seemed fitting to name the most beautiful girl after the most beautiful car that any of us have ever seen. So here are some pics of the car that Shelby was named after. I have some pics with her driving it when she was little, but I can't find them so you just get to enjoy the pics of this fine piece of red heaven.


While My mom (grandma Hammons) was here to visit she got a stuffed monkey for Shelby that reminded her of a stuffed monkey that she used to have as a child. She said that she had named it Jock-O when she was just a little girl. So we want to introduce you to Jock-O jr. This Monkey is Shelby's favorite thing EVER! She thinks he is so funny, the other day I was having Jock-o throw a ball to Shelby and she couldn't stop laughing. It was such a belly laugh that she fell backwards with her hands on her belly cracking up. In some of these pics you can see Shelby's slobber from giving Jock-O so many kisses! Thanks Mom she loves her Jock-O.

Grandma Scott's Visit!

(For those of you who haven't seen Shelby has front teeth that she doen't show too often.)

Well this last week has been a really crazy week for Shelby and I. We had both grandma's come and stay with us and it was SOO fun. I didn't get a picture when my mom was here so I will get one tomorrow on Halloween and then post about her visit too.

Last October we had just had Shelby, but Jon still really badly wanted to go to Idaho during hunting season so I told him if he could find someone to come stay with me and our 4 week old daughter that he could go. So Jon called his mom and asked if she wouldn't mind coming and helping me out and visiting her new granddaughter. Of course she was really excited and so she flew down and stayed with us while Jon went hunting. This has now kind of become a tradition and we LOVE it. Jon's mom flew down on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday. We had so much fun showing her what it is that Shelby and I do all week. We went to the park, shopping, In-n-Out burger, Cafe' Rio, and played at home with all of Shelby's toys. It was nice to be able to have Mom see how Shelby is in her own element. Anyways we had a wonderful time and hope that next hunting season it works out again. Thanks for the visit MOM!!!! We love you.

Bunco Madness

This is Deanna as our flight attendent, Kristina as our greek goddess, and Kristi as our white trash.
Kristen and Kaymee (80's prom queen and pirate)
Krsti & Tyree (white trash and our pregnant Brittney Spears)
These are our two Natalie's (Witch and only had 1 days notice)
That's me just Pimpin'
Breann & I (army dude and pimp)
This is our very HOT group!
Chelsea & Kaymee (zombie bride and Pirate)
Crystal & Kelly (hospital patient and witch)
Crystal your gown is open!!!!!

Yes, Bunco has happened again. Our group decided that we should have a costume party in honor of Halloween. It was so fun and the costumes were AAAAAmmmmmmaaaaazzzzinnnng. Anyway here are a few pics of our wild and crazy bunco night. I look forward to our bunco night each month we always have such a great time. Luckily we only have it at our house 1 time a year, otherwise the husbands wouldn't allow it because the noise volume is like a cheerleading camp. See ya next month ladies!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tagged for the last time.... I hope!

I've been tagged twice. I'm supposed to write 8 weird things about me. This should be really easy for me, because I have a ton of weird little things that I do or think or even say. Whoever reads this and feels so inclined to do it then you are tagged too! Otherwise just enjoy :)

1. I am a neat freak. I can't think straight if my house is not clean. It must be dusted, dishes clean, everything put away clean before I can be productive in any way. Everything must be organized. I believe I get this from my parents. Molly has it too. (I just copied and pasted hers because it was true for me too) The only thing that I need to add is that I clean up Shelby's Toys about 30 times a day, even when she is still playing. I don't know why because it lasts for like all of 3 seconds, but it makes me feel better to always be cleaning. You asked for wierd

2. I am not a good singer, but I LOVE to sing. I belt out any and every song whether I know the words or not. I'll just make them up and carry on with my joyful tune. In my next life, I am going to have a good voice so that those around me won't be so annoyed at all my singing.

3. I have a really, I mean REALLY good memory. If you tell me something 5 years ago I will remember it. I can memorize anything really fast, even if it makes no sense to me at all (like when I help Jon study for dental school.) It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. FYI don't tell me something if you want me to forget about it.

4. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I have to have it in the morning so as to avoid a pounding headache. Whenever I'm stressed, Diet Coke is there to let all of my worries go away. It relaxes me and is so delicious...and sugar free. (again, Molly had it word for word from my head, so I just copied and pasted her.) P.S. Molly, you are the one who is making me do this thing.

5. I can tie balloons. That's right folks I am a clown in more than just my looks. I used to be a private contractor for different resturants around town. It was really good money, no committment, and best of all No BOSS!

6. I can't leave the house without my cell phone. I don't know what it is, but I can't stand when I miss someones call. I have a curiosity bone that is like a mile long so when I see that I have a message it just eats away at me until I check it. Who called?....What do they want?....Are they Okay?....Do they want to do something fun that I don't want to miss out on?...the list could go on, but I will spare you all the voices in my head.

7. I would rather be on the sea then on dry land. I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as a crew member on a tall ship. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We were out for about 3 months and only stopped 2 times to get supplies. I am not sure if anyone out there has been "land sick" but it is just like being sea sick, but with land. I had that for about a month when I got back. I miss the ocean! I loved how quite and calm it made me feel to be on bouy watch, fire watch, helm, (or any position for that matter) at like 4:00am just thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. Plus the storms were so incrediable to be in the middle of. The force, waves, and winds were so powerful, it was awesome to see how incediblely strong the creation or Ocean is. Sleeping in a Hammock is also a huge perk to the job!!!

8. I am SUPER competitive. I hate to lose at anything, that is why I can't play sports for "recreation" It just isn't fun, if you are not winning. I am like that with Card games (Jon won't play with me, or he just let's me win UGH (I don't like that either)) I somehow always find a way to compete even in things that aren't even supposed to be a contest. Luckily it has calmed a tiny bit since I have become a mom.

So there you have it; am I too weird for you? I feel like 8 was not enough, maybe I am just REALLY weird because I could have gone to like 20 without even having to stop and think. Make your own post so I can laugh at you too! That is if you are forced to by your sister or something.

I've been tagged! AGAIN.

Here goes my second tag of the week.

5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:
1. Wishing I was only 1 year older so I could date.
2. Playing Volleyball at school and on a club team.
3. Wearing converse (they were so cool)
4. Ditching class to go do nothing somewhere else
5. Taking Mom and Molly for a "crazy driving" spin with my learners permit.

5 Things on My "To-Do" List Tomorrow:
1. Call Melissa to do lunch. (she is in town for the week!)
2. Get ready for Haley and the boys to come spend the night.
3. Go to the pumpkin patch for the first time with Shelby and Jon.
4. Laundry
5. Library with Brooke, Logan, and Rylee!

5 Things I Would Do If I Had a Million Dollars:
1. Pay of Dental School
2. Buy a large home
3. Go visit Molly whenever the heck I want too
4. Invest most of it
5. Pay for Jon's practice to get it started.

5 Things I Will Never Wear Again:
1. Hyper color shirts (remember how cool those were!)
2. Mini Skirts or shorts
3. Snap braclets
4. 3 or 4 pairs of different colored socks layered.
5. White, Tappered Jeans Tucked into my shoes

5 Favorite Toys:
1. Shelby's Ball Pit
2. My Cell Phone, it is my lifeline to the outside world
3. My Computer
4. My sewing machine
5. Shelby's trike!

5 People I'm Tagging:
1. NO ONE! I really am not a huge fan of these things. IF you read this and really were like "Oh boy I hope Annie tags me", well then you are IT. But if you aren't dying to do this then I understand, I am only doing this because Molly is making me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jon's Birthday!

Well my great hubby had a birthday on the 11th, but he is not into the whole party and singing thing so I decided to wait a couple days and then post about his b-day. It really wasn't all that exciting. We went to the orthodontist and
in-n-out burgers. I also made a cake, which we ate like the whole thing so then I didn't need to even fix dinner. It was awesome. I gave Jon a GPS it is a really nice one and we are way lucky because it was my dad's but he wasn't into it anymore so he gave it to me. Jon is excited to take it hunting with him. I thought I would copy another blog that I saw and tell you 28 things about Jon that you may not know for his 28th B-day.

1. Every Sat. he gets up really early to watch a bunch of hunting shows on TV.

2. At church he insists on taking Shelby to Priesthood (for entertainment I think)

3. He belts out Chris Ledoux in the car on road trips.

4. He goes shoe shopping with me and actually knows which ones I would like.

5. I get 1 hour foot massages while we watch Monday night football!

6. When we drive up to Idaho Jon makes a bed for me in the back of the truck or car.

7. Whenever Jon gets cold or eats spicy foods his nose runs!

8. Every time that we go on a family walk he takes Shelby "off roading" in her stroller, and she totally loves the bummpy ride.

9. He never wants to spend money on himself, it is always me that has to get him the toys that he wants because he won't spend the money.

10. Jon is a great cook especially his peach cobbler

11. He can read about something in a book and then be able to do it perfectly. Example: when he layed the tile in our house he just read a book and it looks great!

12. One of my favorite things in life is diet coke and for my b-day or valentines day or any special occasion, Jon will get a bunch of diet cokes and put them on ice for me to enjoy all evening long. ( I love it)

13. Jon got through airport security with 3 bullets in his Jacket pocket on his way to interviews for dental school. (make you feel safe huh?)

14. He didn't grow up as a hunter, but only started doing it after his mission and now it is like his obsession.

15. He cuts his own hair because it saves money, plus he does a really good job.

16. Whenever their are kids around he is like the human jungle gym, and he loves it!

17. He loves fixing things like cars, guns, bikes, just about anything to get his hands dirty.

18. Every night when we go to bed he checks on Shelby and makes sure she has covers and is not in a wierd position.

19. He is really crafty with construction paper and has even been known to break out the sewing machine a time or two. (In his defense it is usually to sew something like a bullet holder or a jogging stroller strap or something more manly than an afgan)

20. He could go hunting or fishing everyday of his life and he would be happy.

21. He used to be a "professional furniture mover."

22. Jon is 6'7" but claims to be 6'6" because it sounds better.

23. He played football in College.

24. When Jon and I first started kinda dating he also had another girlfriend on the side.

25. Jon knows all the dental jargon in Spanish too because he has so many hispanic patients at the clinic.

26. If Jon had to choose another career it would be S.W.A.T. team or FBI. (any exuse to have a gun)

27. He is the Best Husband and Dad that their ever was!

28. He is not going to like having a post all about him.

Happy Birthday Honey, We love you!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Shelby made out like a bandit!

Shelby got so many things for her birthday and she loves them all! I can't believe how many toys are out there that are so cool. The party went really well and as you can see in the pics. Cru loved his cake and Shelby was more interested in feeding daddy hers. Grandma and Grandpa Hammons got both Shelby and Cru their first trikes. It was a huge hit they both totally love them and everytime Shelby even sees hers, she is pretty sure that we need to go for a ride immediately!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Well today is the day that our little Peanut turns 1 year old! We can't believe it the time has just flown by. We have had so much fun with her throughout this past year and we are excited for the many more to come.
Happy Birthday Shelby, We love you!
These pictures are just a few of the many fun times that we had this last year!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My little girl...growing up so fast!

Shelby is going to turn 1 year old this Friday Oct. 5th. It is crazy because I can't remember not having her, but at the same time it doesn't seem like she has been around that long. I have learned a ton in the past year about myself, my husband, and life in general. So I have decided to pass along my vast knowledge to the all of you and make a list of the top ten things I have learned in the past year.

1. Poop happens! That's right it does and it always seems to happen in the most inopportune times, such as the bath or when you are out of diapers. It has been on more than one occasion that either myself or Jon has been taking a bath with Shelby, having a wonderful time with all the toys and Shelby has little bubbles come up from under her and her face starts to turn red. EVACUATE!!!!! Another one of my favorites is when we are out and about and I change her diaper and a few minutes later she decides that she wasn't done. Especially happens when I just used the last diaper in my purse.

2. Gifts to Grow. I just barely found this out and it would have been valuable information about 1 year ago. If any of you use Pampers diapers or wipes then you need to read this!! There is a code on each product that I have never noticed until my good friend Kelly told me about it. Well if you go to and enter the codes then you get points for each item, the code lets them know what it was that you purchased and they give you points accordingly. Well anyway they have gifts that you can choose from and you get them for free when you use your points towards them. I really want the trike that Kallie has and it is 400 points. If I would have known about this then for Shelby's 1 b-day I could have gotten that for her (for free!) If you use pampers you should sign up.

3. Clean clothes are overrated! Right? Since having Shelby my clothes are pretty much never clean. There is either snot, slobber, spit up, or mystery gunk on me at all times. There is no use in changing because then you are sure to get extra dirty as soon as she notices that you have a clean shirt on. I have decided to embrace the dirt and wear it proudly. It took me so long to get Shelby here so I will relish my dirty clothes and only hope that one day I will be blessed with another snot, slobber, spit up, and mystery gunk maker.

4. Sleep is priceless. I would never complain about waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, because Shelby is totally worth it, but I never realized how much I love my sleep. I have been so lucky because Jon has been the biggest help in the whole world with this situation. Every Sat. and Sun. Jon wakes up with Shelby and feeds her, gets her dressed, and plays with her. They usually go wash the cars or some kind of daddy-daughter activity on Sat. It is so nice because I can wake up and go straight to the shower and actually be ready for the day before 9am. In the beginning I probably looked like a zombie half of the time, but I have been told that I was one HOT zombie!

5. Shopping is now just for her. I used to love to go shopping a get new purses, shoes, clothes or whatever else I felt so inclined to get. Now I find myself wanting to look at kids books, toys, or kids clothes. I even have caught myself a time or two going to the store just to look at bibs, exersaucers, car seats, or other paraphernalia for my little girl. I almost never want to look at things for me because it is way more fun to see her react to a new toys or book. It is awesome to hear her giggle and squil with glee. I love it!

6. Friends are mandatory. I have been SO lucky to have so many friends that have young kids to hang out with. I have my dental school friends, ward friends, bunco friends, and high school friends which is such a blessing. It has been so nice to bounce ideas around on how to parent and even just have some company. The kids really enjoy one anothers company too. I truely love each and every friend that I have and I hope that I can be there for all of them just like they have all been there for me throughout the years.

7. Creative Chores = Completed Chores. I don't know if anyone else has a child that likes to do EVERYTHING that mom does, but Shelby is my little shadow. So I have had to become quite the creative chorester. Laundry in our house is like the indy car 500 race with the laundry basket. Shelby loves to go for rides! Cooking has a speacial BANG to it. Shelby loves to get into the tupperware and wooden spoons. Drums definately suit her. Taking out the trash has become a large detour around the parking lot (songs included). In fact there seems to be a plethera of songs that I have created for each chore and some even have a sassy jig to go along with it. (at least Shelby likes my singing & dancing). Even making the beds seems to take longer since I have a monkey that has to jump and jump until I make her "fall off and bonk her head". Yes, I get extremely creative so that I can still have the clean house that is so important to me.

8. My meals are her meals. Each and everytime that I sit down to enjoy a wonderful meal or snack Shelby seems to come out from nowhere and sit right at my feet. She works up the biggest mooch face that she can with the pouty eyes and open mouth (just like a bird). It seems that no matter when the last time that she ate was, there is always room for Mommy's food. Sometimes she even eats so much that I am still hungry after "MY" meal. Resturants are the same way except then she points at Jon and I to make sure we are not confused with what it is that she really wants.

9. Grandparents are a necessity. It has been so nice to have 2 sets of grandparents that are so helpful and loving. Both my mom and mother-in-law came and stayed with us during the first few weeks of Shelby's life. Both of them would get up in the middle of the night and feed squirt (I had frozen milk). They cleaned and cooked and kept me sane during my more emotional times. I love getting the books, toys, and presents in the mail for Shelby. My mom comes down every once in awhile and just SPOILS us rotten, Shelby and I love it. Jon's mom made the most amazing blessing dress that I have ever seen for Shelby's blessing. It was beautiful!!! Grandpa's are great too. My dad worked with Shelby all the time to get her to crawl (didn't happen until 11 months old). He also just takes her for walks around the house or watches sports center with her. Both dad's are really good at giving Shelby "snacks" like whipped cream or red cabbage. Jon's dad reads books and walks around showing Shelby tons of new cool things. Needless to say we LOVE grandparents, you can never have too many people love your child.

10. Love has no end. Jon and I both never realized that you can love someone so much. We would do absolutely anything for our little peanut, she is so speacial to us. She has filled an empty hole in our hearts and we are so greatful to have her in our lives. It is amazing how each and every little thing that she does is so cute to us. We could just watch her forever. When she is sick it breaks our hearts and we would do anything to just take the pain away. We both would do anything for her, no matter what lengths we would have to go to. I know that if we are blessed to have another child that our love would grow again. We love you Shelby!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cousin Fun!

All of us just hanging out in the garage
My little angel getting really excited in her exersaucer
The three little ones riding their bike, trike, and scuttle bug
Nap time for the little ones and movie time for the older kids
Silly cousins!
Shelby giving Aunt Jamie loves
Shelby in the popisan chair (I have no idea how to spell that)
Grandma and Koda riding Grandma's bike, Treyson came running to be in the pic too.

Every once in awhile Jamie, Haley, Mom, and I take a trip and meet in Logandale so that all the cousins can play together. Meeting there makes it a 45min drive for everyone, plus there is tons of space to play in the house, grass, garage, or driveway. Needless to say all of the kids have a blast and us sisters and mom get to hang out for a little while too. This trip is always so fun for me to just get out of the city and our condo.
This trip Shelby discovered that she LOVED riding on Kallie Trike. She didn't even want to get off to give it back to Jamie when we were leaving. Treyson and Koda decided that they liked each others toys too. Koda said that Treyson's bike was faster and Treyson said that Koda's scooter was way cooler. Anyway we all had a great time. It will be even more fun when Shelby, Kaden, and Cru can walk so that all of us Mom's don't have so many dirty clothes to clean after crawling all day on the driveway. It is nice to be close to family and it is even nicer to have a place to play. Thanks Mom for the great idea and loving all of our kids so much. I know this is a long post for me so SORRY, you all know I am not good at choosing just a couple of pics.