Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This = That

Here is a picture of me and all my glory at the hospital about to deliver Ellie. While I am aware that most people don't care to see me in my PJ's before birthing a child it is necessary in order to illustrate the point of this blog...

I never can pose very well for the end of term prego pics!
I know that their are many types of Postpartum some people get depressed, cry a ton, lonely, angry and the list could go on and on; but for me I feel an overwhelming desire to purchase a copious amount of furniture after the birth of my girls. I know this is strange but it has happened with all of my children and for some reason it makes me very happy. Many of you know that Jon and I have been looking at bedroom furniture for at least a year now and I always let the "practical" side of me make the decision to hold off because it is really not that necessary. After Ellie though the story changed and my will power no longer existed and we bought this beautiful set; which I love! So here is to having babies and the cause and effect...

Here is the bed with the 2 night stands

this dresser is awesome because it has a ton of hidden compartments and it is large enough for ALL of my stuff.

As you can see the mirror opens it can house up to a 46' flat screen TV with special compartments for the DVD player. We haven't purchased the TV yet but it is pretty cool.

Here is Jon's dresser. This thing was custom made for him because it is so tall that I can't see into the top 2 drawers without a stool; but he has no trouble at all.

Needless to say we probably shouldn't have any more kids because it ends up costing us a small fortune to ensure that I don't get depressed. :)