Monday, June 23, 2008

Still alive!

After many e-mails, comments on blogs, and phone calls I have decided that I would at least update everyone on how we are doing. I haven't had any time to take pictures so that will have to be for another time. We have now lived in Meridian, ID for 3 weeks and it has been great so far. I have been swamped with all the things that have to be done when you move into a new home. I am happy to report that we are all unpacked, pictures hung, garage organization system installed, Landscapers for the backyard (july 2), our fence will be in two weeks, we finally have blinds (I'm sure the neighbors are way bummed :o), we have a BBQ, Lawn mower, weed wacker, etc. I knew when you moved to a house of your own there was a lot to buy, but HOLY CRAP!!!!

Our new ward has been great so far, there are a few couples that Jon and I have really enjoyed. The RS president is amazing, and the Bishop is really a great guy. I have never been in a ward that was so friendly and noticed new people so quickly. We have felt very welcome and had Many drop by visits from a bunch of people. Apparently since our house was on the market for over a year, most of our ward has been in our house and we always hear "I just loved your house when we walked through, it is so pretty." (At least I don't have to do any tours right?!)

Jon started work last Monday and so far is just loving it. He has done tons of extractions and root canals, so of course he is a happy guy. He has said a few times that he is so excited about his career because he just really really enjoys it. The only bummer is that his office isn't quite ready so for now he is driving to Emmett (30 min North) to work at one of his partners offices. His office that is only 6 miles from our doorstep should be open on Aug. 15th now. With gas prices the way they are that will be nice when it happens.

Shelby is LOVING her new found freedom. The house is so big that sometimes she will just run around like a crazy woman screaming "mama, I fast, I fast!" She loves her new big girl bed and is really doing good at staying in it. I will take pictures of her room, my mom made her bedding, valance, pillows, and we found a little bench at a garage sale and just re-covered it. I think it is adorable anyway. Hopefully we will find her some good friends to play with like we had in Vegas. I am finding that it was very rare to have so many friends that had the same age kids without having 3 or 5 of them.

As for me, I am still VERY pregnant! Luckily I have finally found a Dr. to go to, I hadn't realized how many doctors won't take you as a patient if you are so far along. (what do they expect me to do?) I thought it would be a plus because I'm almost done and they still get paid without having to see me every month for like a year. I am really liking my house, it just makes me happy, plus there is NO MORE Marie upstairs! Thank the Heavens. I am still figuring out where things are and how to get places, but I think it is coming along.

Even with all of the fun we are having I have been a little surprised at how hard this move has been for me. This is the first time that I have moved and it isn't just for school, it is permanant. I knew I would be far from my family, but it never hit me like it has now, that this isn't just for a few years. It is also wierd to go from having TONS of friends (ward, park, high school, and dental school friends) to knowing NO one. Not even one person :( I never realized how lonely that could be especially now that Jon is back to work. It is wierd to go to the park, run errands, or even have lunch with just me and Shelby. I know it is stupid, but I have found myself crying at Wal-mart because I didn't know my way around and I couldn't call anyone to see if they knew where the whatever I was looking for would be. Hopefully that will change for Shelby and I soon.

My parents just made there second visit this last week and it was so nice to have the company for a few days to just help me get my mind back at ease. They helped with tons of projects that where just starting to get overwhelming for me and we explored the new area of Boise. I am stoked because we are only 1 hr. away from 3 awesome ski resorts and only 20 min away from 4 or 5 different lakes that we can boat on and go skiing. There are mountain bike trails everywhere and I found out that there is a 3 farmers markets every Saturday. I know that we are going to love it here I just need a little time to adjust and settle in. Hope all is well with all of you and I will post pics. later. Sorry this was so long!