Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas, Excuses, and more to come!

First off let me start by saying NO I didn't send out Christmas cards this year so don't think you got kicked off the list! I didn't do them for a number of reasons and here they are in no particular order.

Excuse #1: I am super lazy and never even thought about it until I started getting texts, calls, and e-mails asking where they were.
Excuse #2: I haven't gotten a new family pic yet because I have 4 inch roots and I am 9 months pregnant. Not about to walk into a photo shoot in this condition.
Excuse #3: and the last excuse that I can think of right now... I have to send out birth announcement in like less than a month so I am going to save on postage.

Well there you have it... NOW onto our exciting christmas events.

We stayed home this year because I can't travel and because it is so nice to do our own thing. I had big plans to cook a great meal on Christmas EVE but the night before our new little baby (in the womb) decided to kick my ribs out of place so I was/am no longer in any mood to cook; or move for that matter. Instead we went to my most favorite BBQ place called Dickey's and we had a great meal! We then came home and opened a present from Santa which were PJ's and a family game. The girls loved it and it was so cute to see how excited they were.
That night Shelby woke up at 12, 1, 3, 4, and finally at 5 Daddy went up there to tell her that Santa can't and won't show up until AFTER she goes to sleep! That ended the whole "has santa come?" Then on Christmas morning Jon and I finally went and woke the girls up at 9am. They were so excited that it took 45 min for them to even realize that there were stockings, things on the couch, or presents under the tree. We had a great time staying in our PJ's and playing with new toys all day long, I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!
I am so grateful for my little family, I couldn't ask for a better husband he is the best Man I have ever known. He takes great care of me and our kids; I am so very blessed to have him in my life. I love my two little girls! They are so sweet and so hilarious. There isn't a day that goes by that they don't make me just crack up! I am so excited to have another little princess join our family soon and I feel so grateful that this pregnacy has gone so much smoother than the last. We have had so many ups and downs in the last couple years but we are definately ending this year on the up swing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
I have many more (Christmas type posts that I will hopefully get around to before the end of the year!)