Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So different

Anyone who knows my Shelby and my Libby knows that they are both super sweet, but they are extremely different. One of there biggest differences is at mealtime. Shelby is easy to clean up after and Libby...well I dread feeding her only because I know what kind of aftermath is to follow.
Shelby's 1st Birthday while eating her cake. Realizing she is messy and stops completely!

Here is Libby on her 1st birthday! (notice Shelby and her look of horror)

Libby after dinner last week

Shelby after dinner last week.

Just a day in the life at the our house. So here is to my girls and their very unique personalities that I love and adore. It is crazy that before kids are even 1 they already have a little Personality in them! As different as they all are I love them to pieces. Pics of Ellie to come shortly, next time I get 5 min to post anyway...so maybe not shortly?????

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