Wednesday, April 7, 2010

square-foot garden

Shelby has convinced Jon and I to start a garden which we are not so sure we are excited about since we really are responsible to take care of it, but hopefully it will be a teaching/learning moment. Here are some pics of our festivities.

Ellie slept the entire time, she seriously is the BEST baby in the world.
The girls loved mixing all the different types of Chicken poop, steer crap, and whatever else we mixed in there.

this was the best pic of my attempt to get them to look at me.

Here is Libby throwing the mix with her bare hands in the garden while Shelby is carefully scooping it up with her gloves and shovel.
Well wish us luck Libby already thinks it is a sandbox so if we get anything to grow I will consider it a success! We planted onion, tomatoes, flowers, peppers, peas, and ummm well that is all I can remember for right now. Like I said I am not much of a gardener. :)


Flowers said...

nice blog. Hard work always pay. Expecting the picture of blooms on your upcoming blog. keep on posting :)

Jen and Steven said...

Wow you got a lot planted in your little space! As soon as you start seeing things grow it will feel so rewarding. I hope you reap lots of goodies throughout the summer. :)

Jamie said...

Annie - I finally got caught up on your blog, and it just makes me even MORE excited to come see you next month! I can't wait to meet your new little princess; she is just adorable! And Shelby and Libby are SO BIG! I just have the hardest time picturing Libby almost as big as Kole, but she acts the same as him - throwing stuff, and getting all messy. So FUN!

Liz - Jess said...

Oh my gosh Annie, you're girls are adorable!! I hate that Shelby and Claire aren't playing together! I love the different ways they eat. It reminds me of Mason and Maddox. It still hold true to this day. Mason is messy, Maddox isn't. Anyway, is that seriously you at 9 months??? Not fair!! Let's talk about being jealous! Also, I think a girl definitely deserves new furniture after every baby. :-) And last but not least, you have to let me know when you are coming again so we can get together. I had a lot of fun last time.

PalsRWe said...

So Cute, I want to read more about your fun and wild life as a mommy of three. Ellie is adorable, did you make the bedding in that picture where she is totally asleep??? sooo cute...
You are doing amazing if you found time to plant a garden... I still can't even take both kiddos to the grocery store yet, maybe one day!!
Hugs, Kiley
Congrats again on Miracle Baby #3.. It' interesting how different each pregnancy can be..

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Your girls are so cute! I haven't checked your blog in forever and can't believe you have 3 little darlings! I remember when it was just Shelby:) Looks like life is good and you guys are doing great- so good!

Kate said...

Libbie is so big! I need to see your girls soon!