Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sleeping is what she loves to do!

okay, okay, okay I know that this is kinda my obsession. I love taking pictures of my little girl while she is alseep. It always cracks me up how I find her so I just want to share it all with you guys. Anyway here is Shelby the last couple of days. She has been getting pretty good at tearing all her animals and blankets off the side of her crib. She loves having all her "friends" go to bed with her. I think she is so dang cute!!!


Rich and Kellie said...

ok, all the pictures of your baby sleeping, make me want to take a nap...her crib looks so comfy and she looks like she LOVIN life in that thing!!! It's so fun to see your cute parents and the rest of your family.. it's freaky to see everyone all grown up...we are old. :(

Ames Family said...

I love your blog Annie! Shelby is such a little cutie. I can't wait to see her again. She looks like a thumb sucker, am I right? Keep posting!