Monday, March 14, 2011

Ellie's 1st Birthday!

On Ellie's birthday we went to Monkey Business with Grandma & Grandpa Hammons. We had a blast, but I only took video there and no pics. When Daddy got home from work we opened presents which only lasted about 3.5 seconds because her 2 older sisters quickly unwrapped them all without any help. Ellie could care less though, it just got her presents out faster to play with. :)
Ellie really enjoyed her butterfly cake that Grandma made!
She would only use her thumb and pointer finger to pick up little pieces to eat so it took a long time but, it was adorable.
Grandpa Hammons chillin with Ellie and all of her loot!

Ellie has been the EASIEST child in the world. She has always slept great, ate great, played sweet, and is such a happy girl. She loves to read! She loves her sisters and wants so badly to keep up with them and do everything that they do. She is busy, there is no place, cupboard, or drawer that she hasn't gotten into. She has been my tallest and biggest baby she is in 3t clothes which is the same as her older sister (Libby).

This post is over a month late since her birthday was on 2-1-2011 so I can now say that she started walking on 2-21-2011 which was the soonest any of my kids have walked. She is well on her way to keeping up with her sisters. Being the baby of the family she is spoiled, but there isn't a rotten bone in her body. We love her so much and she has been such a joy to our family. Her smiling face always brightens my day. WE LOVE YOU ELLIE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Molly said...

She is so cute!! Love ya Ellie!

The Knudsen Family said...

I can't believe that she is already one year old. She is so cute. I love her chubby little cheeks.