Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick Day.

We have all been sick around here for the last 2 weeks so we didn't get dressed everyday because we were certainly not going anywhere. The coughs, drippy noses, and fevers didn't keep the dress up away though!!

All 3 girls in 1 picture (you just witnessed a miracle)
Libby lookin' hot!
Shelby taking a bow
Ellie after she took out her hair-do. Rockin' the mohawk!


Molly said...

Where is your tutu?

Brett Willis family said...

I wish I could dress up my kids like that :)

Christa said...

Love the updates! Your girls are beautiful (although, I'm sure you hear that all the time)
What a sweet family Annie :)

The Knudsen Family said...

Ok I was so glad to see that you did an update. I kept hoping everytime I came to my blog there would be one from you. Not that I can talk, my last post is about 3 months old. Anyway, your girls are too cute. I can't believe how big they are getting. We sure miss getting to hang out with you guys. I need someone to get me out walking again. I hope you are all feeling better.

Chelsey said...

Love the dress ups. It makes me miss the days when more than one would dress up. Sorry you guys were sick. Brad's been sick this last week with the sickness we all had the 1st of February. It was miserable. Hope you feel better soon and DEFINITELY do come and visit us. I think the mice are under control now. (We caught 16, is that gross or what?)