Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clark County Fair

We went to the fair a couple of weekends ago, but I am just getting around to blogging about it. It seems like our house hold has been so busy lately that my blogging has gotten very behind. Anyway, my family has been going to the fair for years and it is one of my most Favorite things to do. I love the food, entertainment, animals, rides, and the people watching of course. The county fair always brings out the crazy people and I just LOVE observing everyone (wierd I know) My family was there this year and our friends Kelly and Gary came out with their boys too. It was a blast. Shelby couldn't get enough of the rides, she LOVED them so much. Her cousins Kallie, Koda, Treyson, and Kaden rode them with her, it was so cute to watch Kallie "babysit" Shelby. She was so precious! Plus they have a barn full of animals and if it wasn't so stinky in there we could have watched her pet them forever. The other part that she just loved was the "kid area" it has a bunch of stations for 3yrs and under to play at, of course the sand box got most of her attention, but all the others were fun too. Shelby also got to ride a pony which we are still not sure if she liked it or just put up with it because her parents were so excited for her????? Then later in the day she got up on the stage to perform and dance with the girls. It was cute to watch her dance, but she got a little distracted and started wandering the stage so we had to get her off. Anyway here are some pics from our weekend

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