Friday, January 2, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Well it has been a CRAZY couple of weeks so here are the pics. from our Christmas. It started out on Christmas eve when we went over to Brent & Ambers to have dinner, watch a movie, and open our PJ's a tradition for both families. We got through the dinner (which was delicious) and then got so busy playing and watching our movie (polar express) that we totally forgot about the Pj's until it was getting late and Libby was REALLY wanting to eat. So we took off and opened them at our house instead; I am not a big fan of wipping out the boobs outside of my own home. (I forgot to take my camera over there so I don't have any pics of that.) Anyway Shelby thought it was awesome to have had Santa come to her house early while we were gone and so she helped Libby open her present too. Then we went to bed.Shelby was so excited for her PJ'sDoesn't Libby looked StokedTrying to get a picture with Libby not rolling all over the place and Shelby actually looking at the camera is a modern day miracle so here is our miracle picture.Shelby was being soo cute with Libby telling her about Santa and giving her tons of kisses.This is what the girls woke up to. Shelby was so excited and Libby just wanted to eat but she now likes all of her loot.Shelby opening her stocking she was mesmerized by this toy, but her favorite thing was her Camera. She walked around the entire house telling everyone and everything to "say cheese guys; for your picture." and then after she would push the button she would look at the picture on the screen and tell us, "wow guys you look beautiful!"Mom helping Libby open her stuff. She was pretty into all the bright colors.Say Cheese guys!

Okay stockings "say cheese" after we put Shelby down for a nap Jon and I decided that we would look at the pictures that she took. We were really shocked when we turned on the camera and it said that she had taken 279 pictures in 1 hour. Most of them were of the ground or her feet and almost all of them were blurred because a 2 year old can't hold still to take a picture she is already off to take the next one!

Anyways our Christmas was really fun especially since this was our first year to ever have our very own Christmas with just our little family. We had a blast! The next day we were off to Idaho Falls to visit Jon's family and meet his sisters Fiance from England. The roads were awful so it took us close to 7 hours when it is only supposed to be a 4 -41/2 hour drive. Luckily the girls are awesome in the car so it was no big deal except we just had less time to spend with our family and friends there. (I forgot my camera on this trip too so there are no pics. but I will still bore you with my details.) We stayed with my really good friend Heidi (the one who takes the amazing pics of our family) it is always fun to hang out with her and even if we haven't spoken for a long time we just pick right back up and it seems as if no time has passed at all. In fact we stayed up till 2 the first night because we had so much to talk about, we felt like we were back in college. P.S. Heidi I know you are blog stalking me so leave a message!!!!

Anyway then we went over to Jon's best bud Josh's house and met their kid who is already 1 year old. He was adorable! We spent an hour or so and then we were off to Jon's parents house to have lunch and hang out. We visited for a while and then went over to Grandpa Wirkus's house to have Schnizel (I don't know how to spell it) and Huckelberry ice cream. It was so yummy and I wanted to eat more, but there was No room in the inn! Then we went back to Heidi's house and played Rock Band all night, which we are all amazing at by the way. Jon is now convinced that we need to get this game, thanks a lot Heidi! After another late night we finally decided we weren't that young anymore nor were we very good at Rock Band so we went to bed. The next morning we went to Jon's parents fixer uper house and looked through it. It will be really nice when it is done, but for now there is a lot of fixing up to do. They love all that kind of stuff though so it should be fun. We then loaded up in the truck and had another LONG drive home since the roads were still really bad!!! All in all it was a great trip and a great Christmas so we can't complain.


Erica said...

Merry Christmas!!! I was going to call you like a million times, but I get lazy. You know how it is. That camera is so stinking cute. I wanted to get it for Hunter, but didn't and now wish that I would have. Cute girls in their pj's. I can't believe how big Shelby is getting. Libby still looks like a newborn, but still beautiful. When are you guys going to come out and visit us so that our children can get to know each other before they get married! You need to come and let the boys go turkey hunting this spring and you and I can sit around and talk! Think about it!

Abby said...

Merry Christmas!! And Happy New Year!! How well is that camera? I have heard some not so good things about it. But I still want to get one for AJ for his b-day. Shelby is getting so big. She is so cute:) Libby is just precious. We sure do miss you guys. I will try to call you soon.